Comprehensive QUM Support at all levels of your organisation

QUM for Aged Care Facilities

We are a true partner and advisor to you and your team and offer support across four tiers: Corporate Clinical Governance, Facility-level Clinical Governance, Education & Training and Resident-level activities.

The cornerstone of our partnership with aged care facilities is the establishment of the QUM (Quality Use of Medicines) Plan, which we have developed in accordance with PSA guidelines.

Our Plan can be tailored to each facility and each organisation according to their individual requirements and preferences. Read on to find out more about the key focus areas and activities we are committed to delivering and reporting on.

Corporate Clinical Governance Support


Committee Involvement

We attend and contribute to quarterly clinical governance committee meetings (where invited)


Policy and Procedure Development

We review or develop at least one medication-related policy and procedure per quarter and report our suggested changes at MAC or quarterly meetings. We assess antimicrobial stewardship, self-medication residents, chemical restraint, non-packed medicines, PRN medicines, Nurse-initiated lists or others as identified. Having reviewed and developed thousands of policies and procedures at different facilities, we are uniquely placed to provide the highest standard of advice.

Facility-Level Clinical Governance Support


Medication Advisory Committee Meetings

We provide input and advice for every MAC meeting. Our accredited pharmacist will attend at least 75% of all MAC meetings, preferably in-person or if not possible, via video conference.


Antimicrobial Stewardship

We perform regular audits of the AMS register (your own, or we can supply one) in line with Therapeutic Guidelines, with reports to MAC.

Psychotropic Medicines

We perform regular audits of the Psychotropic register (your own, or we can supply one), with the results reported to MAC.


Treatment Room

We perform regular physical audits of the treatment room and have a treatment room checklist we can provide for care staff to use.


We support you in achieving medication management accreditation standards by performing regular audits.

Education and Training

We deliver face to face and online education and training from our award-winning pharmacists and other experts on topics such as Analgesics, Psychotropic medicines, Restrictive Practices, Antimicrobial Stewardship, General Medication Management Principles and other topics as determined by your needs.



We deliver monthly webinars; a minimum of 10 per year with the recording available via our facility portal for those who are unable to attend live. We also provide personalized facility sessions where a specific gap has been identified.

Nurse-Focused Newsletters

We offer Clinical Pearls, a weekly newsletter providing 4-5 key pieces of information addressing a specific issue in clinical therapies.