Psychotropic Register

We offer a range of tools, support and training to help you meet your accreditation standards

Psychotropic Register

We recognize the importance of understanding the latest requirements with regards to psychotropic medications in the Aged Care Quality Standards. And so, we have developed a framework of touchpoints for our clients to help them meet and exceed these requirements.

How we help you with Psychotropics


Psychotropic Medicines Register

Assisting you with your own or using our register to keep track of and analyse psychotropics use.


Reporting and Self Assessment Tool, Benchmarking

Reporting and benchmarking on psychotropic use, both at the individual facility and at an organisational level.


Facility-level Clinical Governance Support

We perform a 3-monthly audit of the Psychotropic register (your own, or we can supply one), with the results reported to MAC.

Education and Training

We deliver face to face and online education and training from our award-winning pharmacists on Psychotropic medicines.


Nurse-Focused Newsletters

We offer a weekly newsletter providing 4-5 key pieces of information addressing a specific issue in clinical therapies, including psychotropic medications.