Patients, Residents and their families

Quality patient and resident care is at the heart of what we do

Who is Embedded Health Solutions (EHS)?

EHS is Australia’s leading provider of person-centred Medication Management Services to the Residential Aged Care and Home Care sector.

What do we do?

EHS’ Credentialed Pharmacists conduct Residential Medication Management Reviews (RMMRs) and Home Medication Reviews (HMRs) to ensure your medication is being used effectively whilst avoiding unwanted side effects.

What are RMMRs and HMRs?

RMMRs and HMRs are when your GP does a check-up on your medicines. Your aged care home and/or GP have contracted us to deliver this service. We are Credentialed Pharmacists and can provide an independent review of your medication to ensure they are being used effectively. We also check that they are not causing you any harm or giving you unwanted side effects. We are independent of your supply pharmacy, so there is no conflict of interest.

Am I eligible?

An RMMR is available to anyone moving into an aged care home on a permanent basis.

To be eligible for an HMR you must:

  • Be a current Medicare or DVA cardholder
  • Be living in a community setting
  • Be at risk of, or experiencing, medication misadventure
  • Have a referral from your GP


GPs will often re-refer every year or two thereafter, particularly if you are on multiple medicines or if there is a potential for medication-related side effects. For every initial medication review conducted, a further two follow up reviews can occur over the next few months, if you need them.

What’s the cost?

There is no charge to you (or the aged care facility); it is a government-funded program provided you have a current Medicare or DVA card. 

The RMMR or HMR will check for:

  • Unwanted side effects that may be caused by your medicines, and for medicines that may no longer be needed.
  • Medicines that are likely to have serious interactions with other medicines or medical conditions.
  • Medicines that need additional monitoring of their effects on your body.