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The focus on clinical care for home care is around the corner

What are the new Quality Standards for Home Care and how will it affect me as a Home Care Provider?

In response to The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s final report, the Department of Health and Aged Care is working towards implementing Quality Standards into home care. The Home Care Quality Standards will call for an increase in home care’s focus on clinical care.

Under the proposed framework, all providers of Australian Government subsidised aged care services, including providers in receipt of Commonwealth Home Support Program funding and Home Care Package Providers, will be audited against the Quality Standards and compliance will be graded against those standards.

It is proposed that the new rights-based Aged Care Act will include both a Statement of Rights of consumers and a definition of ‘high quality care’. It is suggested that ‘high quality care’ will be taken to mean care and services provided to individuals that prioritise:

  • delivery of services with compassion and respect for the individuality, life experiences, self-determination and dignity of a person accessing care, and their quality of life;
  • providing services that are trauma-aware and healing-informed and responsive to the person’s expressed personal needs, aspirations, and their preferences regarding how services are delivered to them;
  • facilitating regular clinical and non-clinical reviews to ensure that the services delivered continue to reflect their individual needs;
  • supporting the person to enhance their physical and cognitive capacities and mental health where possible; and
  • supporting the person to participate in cultural, recreational and social activities and remain connected and able to contribute to their community.

In considering the regulatory framework that is needed to ensure the delivery of high-quality care, the Department proposes that its new model will focus on building and strengthening relationships between the providers and older people, the Regulator and providers, and older people and the Regulator.

When will the new Act start?

Subject to being passed in Parliament, the new Act is planned to start on 1 July 2024. It will replace existing legislation, including the current Aged Care Act and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Act 2018.

How we can help

The new Quality Standards for home care are to include:

3.2.7 Monitor and review restrictive practices regularly

5.1 Clinical Governance

5.2 Preventing and Controlling infections in clinical care

5.3 Safe use of Medicines

The new Act is the start of the expansion of residential aged care’s QI program into home care. The QIs expected to mimic residential aged care include:

  • Medication management
  • Falls
  • Quality of life

EHS is contributing to the consultation of the new Act. Having already advised and implemented best practice Quality Use of Medicine programs into Residential Aged Care, EHS has the deep experience needed to provide the same service to Home Care Providers.

Lead the pack with strong change management and a proactive approach, ensuring you have clinical governance frameworks and associated processes and materials ready for the new standards.


QUM Support -Corporate

• Annual Planning Framework
• Corporate Clinical Governance: Compliance / QI Reporting Support & Group MAC meeting attendance
• Policy & Procedure assistance and templates
• Benchmarked dashboard reporting
• MAC Attendance
• Medication governance plan
• Psychotropic Register Tool & Audit, AMS Tool

Staff Policies, Training & Competencies Portal

• Education & Training
• Competencies Testing & Tracking
• Policies Management
• Education with Tailored Competencies (Tracked) Via LMS / Webinars / Face to Face

Consumer Engagement

• Medication literacy information flyers
• Consumer webinars
• Consumer knowledge hub
• Consumer Medication App.**

Home Medication Reviews

• Largest Accredited Pharmacist Team
• Reviews Database for Tracking HMR Reviews & Outcomes Per Resident
• Reporting/trend analysis on medication data

Data Integration & Analysis

• Data Analytics to Support (QI) Reporting and Continuous Improvement
• Supply Pharmacy & Dispensing Data or GP (incl ePrescribing, eCDR= where available)
• Integrate QMS and Medication Dashboards

GP / Specialist Engagement

• Dedicated GP Liaison Team and GP Portal
• Tracking of Referral Rates and Recommendation Uptake
• GP Newsletters and Seminars / Webinars
• Specialist Doctors Networks e.g.Geriatrics/Microbiology